Tips for Keeping Your Car Shiny in Spring

Winter is a tough period for humans, animals, houses and for cars as well. When spring comes, homeowners start checking their property for the damage caused by the snow, the ice and the freezing temperatures and this is exactly what car owners should do with their rides if they want to keep the car shiny in spring – here are some things to check and to do:

wash me words on a dirty rear car window

  • Check for paint chips – salt, sand and water are harsh on car paint, causing small chips that can quickly turn into patches and then rust. To find the chips, wash the car, then inspect every inch of the body to find problem points. Touch-up paint is nowadays available in most car dealerships, so get some and apply the stain where the paint is missing. Wax the car only after you have corrected the chips.
  • Pay attention to the windshield and the windows – give the glass components a thorough wash, then check the windshield and the windows for tiny cracks that can turn into larger cracks over time and have the windshield repaired in time.
  • Clean the undercarriage – the undercarriage also needs to be cleaned after winter. You can use your garden hose to remove the salt, sand and other debris with the help of the powerful jet. Better yet, visit car detailing Greeley professional services center for a compete inside and out vehicle cleaning.