New Technology in Car Designs

The biggest car makers in the world are working hard to improve the existing engines and technologies. Innovations become reality and companies’ plans are very ambitious; currently, they are heading towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

car design, wire model

The Consumer Electronics Show organized each year in Las Vegas gives us a peek at the newest technologies in car designs, and 2018 seems to be, indeed, the year of technologies, in the car making industry: autonomous cars, electrical cars, safety systems that take control even when we do not realize it, as well as lots of innovations. The reality is that the desire to advance in the automotive industry speeds up the apparition of components, gadgets or simply ideas that have been scheduled to turn into reality only 10 years from now.

The automotive industry is focusing on producing cars designed with sensors and software that detects everything on the street: pedestrians, cyclists, other road users, as well as roadwork. You could say that we are talking about a technology that seems as advanced as in movies, but it is actually real.

In terms of interior design, car designers work on the impact of the new technologies on the human-car interface, in terms of user experience and graphical user interface.

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