What Does Your Car’s Cleanliness Say About You?

When people talk about their preferences in terms of cleanliness, they usually speak about how they clean their home or their desk.

cute grass car

Most of us spend long hours in our car each day, the car being our home outside the home, which also means that the cleanliness of our ride speaks about us the same way as our homes – here is what the state of cleanliness we maintain in our ride says about us:

  • How much you value our possessions – car cabins full of junk create the impression that the owner is lazy and undisciplined, while cabins that are neat make the impression that the owner is professional and responsible.
  • How busy you are – if you spend a lot of time in your car, chances are that you will need to eat in the car, too. Fast food bags and food wrapping shows that you are busy running errands all the time, while too much cleanliness inside and outside the car shows that you have too much free time on your hands.
  • How responsible you are – a littered car interior can hinder driving efficiency. Being able to make quick moves can be a lifesaver in a dangerous road situation, so a clean car cabin that is completely functional and permits the driver to move comfortably is a sign of a responsible owner.

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