What Does Your Car’s Exterior Say About You?

Your car says just as much about you as your home – here are a few things that the exterior of your car reveals about your personality and your general attitude towards life:

red sports car

  • The color – the color of your car can reveal a lot about your personality. Black is considered to be a color of power and class, white doesn’t hide anything, so it inspires trust, pearl is sophisticated, red is dynamic, blue is for dependable, calm and confident people, while gray is the color most frequently chosen by practical people.
  • Cleanliness – a clean and well-maintained car exterior indicates a caring and neat owner. If the paint is clean and flawless, the chrome surfaces shiny, the windows spotless, people who see your car will surely consider you a dependable person who takes care of his or her environment as well. Check for fast drive through car wash near me online to find the closest car wash and get it cleaned today!
  • The body type – two-doored cars usually belong to people who don’t have kids, crossovers are usually owned by people who have a large family, pick-ups are used by professionals who need a large and powerful vehicle to transport bulky and heavy things, while hybrid car owners are considered to be practical, aware of the importance of environment protection and are people who don’t like to waste their hard-earned money.