The Benefits to Polishing Your Vehicle

Polishing is a maintenance operation that is very efficient for enhancing the appearance of the car as well as for preserving the health of the paint, yet is often overshadowed by waxing, the process that involves only applying an additional protective coating. According to Greeley Wash n Gloss employees, here are some of the most important benefits of polishing your car regularly:

car careCar polish being a slightly abrasive material, it efficiently removes the dirt that is too stubborn to be removed by simply washing the car;

  • The polish also removes oxidized paint and the circular scratches on the surface of the paint called swirl marks;
  • By scratching off the topmost layer of paint, polishes help reveal the bright color of your car again and leaves behind a glossy surface;
  • With polishing, you can easily eliminate other minor imperfections, such as scratches as well, creating a perfectly clean and even surface that also shines more brightly;
  • Car polishing effectively removes surface impurities as well as under-surface imperfections, therefore the procedure needs to be repeated only 2-3 times per year, depending on the initial condition of the paint and on the location where you usually park the car – cars kept in the garage are more protected, so they don’t need too frequent polishes.